• This is a small corner of the web that I created to showcase my occasional journeys into cooking outside of my box. With each dish, my box gets smaller and the world gets larger.
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An easy and tasty Thai soup – Khao Soi

This is an incredibly easy dish that I love to make.  It is a bit decadent due to the amount of coconut milk, but hey — you only live once.  I figure that you might as well indulge on spicy milky goodness and not the Big Mac at the local drive-through.  Moreover, this stuff is … Continue reading

Roasted Garlic Hummus

For most of my life (certainly my childhood), I was essentially ignorant of food processors.  I mean, I had heard the word “Cuisinart”, there was even one in my past life for a number of years.  But I had never used it.  Never assembled it.  Never cleaned it.  I think I just thought that they … Continue reading

Indian Chicken Curry (Murgh Kari)

This is the first Indian dish that I ever made myself.  I remember being completely knocked out by how easy it was to make and that I was able to make something that tasted like the Indian food I had enjoyed in restaurants for years in my very own kitchen!  How cool was that?  Over … Continue reading